BFA Show

Funhouse: A BFA Exhibition

Funhouse was an immersive gallery installation spanning three walls. It was displayed for one week in May of 2018.

“Following a semester in Milan, I was inspired by the Memphis Group and their work in the 1980’s. I wanted my exploration of bold color and elusive shapes to jump off the walls at the viewer. I created a space that captured my creative journey into the world of Italian design and architecture.”


The Design Process


I found myself attracted to the perfect symmetry found in a lot of Memphis era designs. It took constraint to ensure I employed a variety of shapes and colors while maintaining harmony. To ensure design accuracy, I precisely measured each wall in advance and chose a standard length and height of 156 x 111 inches. The third wall was considerably shorter in length but remained 111 inches tall. Designs were made 1:1.

I chose to measure and hand-cut the straight elements of the design as an homage to graphic designers who worked without computers. To ensure accuracy, a vinyl cutter was used for the remaining shapes.


Promotional Materials


Patterns + Print